Sale 爱的甘醇》L’elisir d’amore : 字对字精准解析 di Carlo Alberto Petruzzi, Chen Guo,  2021,  Ind
爱的甘醇》L’elisir d’amore : 字对字精准解析 

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爱的甘醇》L’elisir d’amore : 字对字精准解析
di Carlo Alberto Petruzzi, Chen Guo,  2021,  Indipendently Published
ISBN: 9798496099462
condizioni: NUOVO



The book series “意大利语歌剧脚本字对字精准解析系列丛书” (Italian opera librettos with precise word by word explanation) is a perfect guide for opera singers, directors, conductors and repetiteurs. This manual is especially conceived for individuals not proficient in Italian. In addition to comprising the original text and Chinese translation of the entire libretto, the manual includes a summary of the plot, word by word explanations, and indicates all the verbs at the infinitive. Footnotes are also incorporated with accurate clarifications of cultural diversities and stories associated with Italian history that are pivotal in completely comprehending the libretto. It is our wish that this book series opens the door of opera for you all!

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