DBGalaxyTouring 7 

€ 21,50


DBGalaxyTouring 7
di Marb,  2021,  Indipendently Published
ISBN: 9798786751445
condizioni: NUOVO

Age 789: Son Goku has been turned back into a child by the “Ultimate” or “Black Star” DB’s, that scatter across the Galaxy after being used. Goku is therefore forced to leave on a journey to collect these orbs, along with his granddaughter Pan and Trunks. They are joined by the robot Giru, that accidentally consumes their Dragon Radar. Upon visiting its home planet M2, they meet the terrifying Neo Machine Mutant “Baby” that has an astonishing history...

This book contains volumes 13 and 14 of the original DBGT manga, for a total of 268 pages.

In this book, the page order goes from left-to-right, but the word balloons are read from right-to-left. If you want this manga in its original right-to-left page order, please visit the DBZeroverse Facebook page for more information.

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