She’s the One DVD 

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She’s the One DVD
di Edward Burns,  1996 ,  20th Century Fox
collana: DVD

Irish Catholic Mickey Fitzpatrick is a NYC taxi driver, unhappy over his ex-fiancée Heather’s infidelity. His brother, Francis, is a Wall Street stock investor married to Renee, though she is frustrated by his lack of desire for sexual relations – not knowing he is having an affair with Heather.
On weekends, Mickey and Francis visit their parents on Long Island. Their father, Frank, is old-school, low-key and sexist, always telling Mickey and Francis what to do, yet also advising them to always push to succeed.
Driving his cab, Mickey picks up Hope, an NYU art student headed to the airport. Clicking immediately, she asks him to drive her to New Orleans, they fall head over heels and impulsively marry the next day, returning to NYC two days later to tell Francis and Renee. Francis is upset, mostly because he was not asked to be best man...

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