The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 DVD 

€ 10,00


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 DVD
di Francis Lawrence,  2015,  Lionsgate
collana: DVD

After being attacked by a hijacked (brainwashed) Peeta Mellark, Katniss Everdeen recovers from her injuries in District 13. President Coin refuses to let Katniss go to the Capitol until they take District 2, so instead, she sends her to join the assault on the Capitol’s armory in District 2, the last district controlled by the Capitol. Although she is able to rally the rebels and convince District 2 to join the rebellion, she is shot by a civilian, but merely injured due to her bulletproof Mockingjay costume.
Johanna covers for Katniss while she sneaks onboard a helicopter on its way to the Capitol. Coin becomes aware of Katniss’ defiance but plays along. Katniss is recruited into the Star Squad, which includes Gale and a recently married Finnick. The whole squad is given nightlock pills to take in case they are captured. Peeta, who is still not fully recovered, eventually joins them in the field to appear in the propaganda videos that the team is responsible for shooting in the wreckage of the city. Led by Boggs, the team makes their way to the Capitol, evading booby-trapped pods placed along the way with Boggs’ holographic map called the Holo. In setting up for a shot in a courtyard, Boggs is fatally wounded by a pod and bestows the Holo on Katniss. In his final breath, he tells her the password to self-destruct the Holo and insists that she keep going, warning her of Coin. The squad then accidentally triggers another pod, releasing a flood of lethal black tar. As they flee, Peeta momentarily succumbs to his conditioning in the high-pressure situation and attacks Katniss, killing Mitchell in the process...

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