The Impossible DVD ENGLISH 

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The Impossible DVD ENGLISH
di J. A. Bayona,  2012 ,  Telecinco Cinema
collana: DVD

In 2004, Doctor Maria Bennett, her husband Henry, and their three sons Lucas, Thomas, and Simon go on a Christmas holiday to Khao Lak, Thailand. Arriving on Christmas Eve, they settle in and begin to enjoy the brand new Orchid Beach Resort. Two days later on December 26, the massive Indian Ocean tsunami inundates the area.
Maria and Lucas eventually emerge from the swirling water and find one another, with Maria having sustained serious injuries to her leg and chest. They help a toddler, Daniel, from the debris and are soon found by locals who dress and transfer them to a hospital in the city of Takua Pa. Daniel is separated from them during the journey. At the hospital, Maria encourages Lucas to help others find their family members while she goes into surgery for her chest injuries...

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