Using the Holy Names of God: Developing Psychic Abilities, Using the Secret Codes Within the Torah 

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Using the Holy Names of God: Developing Psychic Abilities, Using the Secret Codes Within the Torah
di R. Ariel B. Tzadok,  2022,  Indipendently Published
ISBN: 9798575728818
condizioni: NUOVO

Do not think that psychic development is not a Torah-based endeavor. On the contrary, psychic development was the foundation of the lessons taught in Biblical times, in the Biblical schools of the prophets.

The practices observed by the Biblical prophet that enabled him or her to have first-hand experience and interaction with higher dimensions and with those who dwell within them have been passed down to this day. I have already revealed much about these practices in my book, Let There Be… Knowing. This present book continues with more revelations and insights into this ancient path, which have come to be called many different names, the most common of which are Ma’aseh Merkava, and the Prophetic Kabbalah.

What the Torah / Kabbalistic tradition calls Ruah HaKodesh (Divine inspiration), needs to be understood in updated terms. To be straightforward, Ruah HaKodesh is simply the ancient name given to what today we call the full array of psychic abilities.

This book is about expanding the extra perception sensitivities of the mind / soul. Essentially this book provides one with exercises that will enable one to enhance one’s psychic abilities.

Learn to go with the flow; to allow the imagination free reign. Do not try to hold it down by chaining it with logical thoughts and rational designs. The higher dimensions operate fluidly, without attachment to any one singular form. If we wish to make contact with the higher dimensions, then we need to speak their language. This is the language of heart, imagery, picture, and impressions.

The academic path very much has its vital place, but that place is not here in the discussion and practice of this School of teachings. I relegate the rational mind to its place. You too must do the same. And now, it is time for you to dive in, rise up, and fly upon your own Merkava.

The time of personal redemption has come; for all those willing to embrace it. Welcome to the practices of Knowing…

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