007 Spectre DVD ENGLISH 

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007 Spectre DVD ENGLISH
di Sam Mendes,  2015 ,  20th Century Fox
collana: DVD

MI6 agent James Bond carries out an unauthorised mission in Mexico City on the Day of the Dead, where he stops a terrorist bombing plot. Bond kills Marco Sciarra, the terrorist leader, and takes his ring, which is emblazoned with a stylised octopus, before stealing a helicopter to escape.
Upon his return to London, Bond is suspended from field duty by Gareth Mallory, the current M, who is engaged in a power struggle with Max Denbigh (whom Bond dubs C), the Director-General of the new, privately backed Joint Intelligence Service formed by the merger of MI5 and MI6. C campaigns for Britain to join the global surveillance and intelligence initiative Nine Eyes, and uses his influence to close down the ’00’ field agent section, which he believes is outdated. In private, Bond tells Eve Moneypenny that he went to Mexico to target Sciarra after receiving a video message from the previous M that was delivered to him after her death. Moneypenny agrees to assist Bond behind M’s back...

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