A walk through the times - Valentino & I di Anna Piccolini 

€ 15,95


A walk through the times - Valentino & I
di Anna Piccolini,  2022,  Youcanprint
ISBN: 9791221444797
condizioni: NUOVO

After being transported back to the Roaring Twenties, our main character becomes immersed in the quiet life of the countryside, leaving behind the stunts and adventures with gangsters in order to hide herself from the many admirers of the famous Rodolfo Valentino.
This tranquillity, however, will be turned upside down by a certain desire of Anna’s, which she will eventually express on the day of her 30th wedding anniversary.
Without interruption, she will be transported through time and through countless adventures, to rediscover something that she would never think to be possible to witness with her own eyes: to come into personal contact with a past shrouded in mystery and to forever be an object of interest to the fans of Valentino.
Each time period for the main character acts as a subway stop, where the destinations are not represented by places, but instead by years.
Who wouldn’t want to get to know, up close and personal, the life of the great lover?
The amazement of travelling through time, accompanied with many invigorating skirmishes between the two protagonists, is still one of the key elements throughout the course of the novel.
After Valentino and I – Timeless Love and My Fabulous Roaring Twenties, the Valentino and I trilogy finishes with Walking Through life.
But this is just a quick goodbye, as the mystery lies right around the corner.

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