Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners: 1001 Foolproof Quick And Easy Recipes For Healthy And Affordable Homemade Meals (2022 Edition With Pics) 

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Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners: 1001 Foolproof Quick And Easy Recipes For Healthy And Affordable Homemade Meals (2022 Edition With Pics)
di Luisa Florence,  2021,  Indipendently Published
ISBN: 9798788727967
condizioni: NUOVO

I bet you have been told: leave it, with the air fryer you will never have those mouth-watering dishes like your granny. Do you know what I say? That’s HOT WIND! Anybody who says this fluff just never tried hot air circulation to cook.
Don’t you believe me?? Hang in there and you’ll see…
First: using the air fryer you will prepare tasty recipes like your grandma’s but in half of the time and … with fewer triglycerides.

Trust me: your air fryer will be a powerful tool that’ll make your life easier. All you need is a guide to unlock its incredible potential. Guess which one is the right guide for you?

10029;10029; Great, you can stop looking elsewhere: all you need is here! 10029;10029;
This book will provide you with 1001 recipes to indulge yourself in your kitchen. You will find, incredible, never heard of dishes, that will make your mouth water and you can’t try to wait. Don’t you believe me?

Have a look to the book’s index.
If you’re looking for a simple and traditional book, then forget it. But know that you’re losing the opportunity to amaze your guests. Believe me, this cooking book is one of a kind, but high quality and sophistication come with a price: you will need little commitment, occasionally, you’ll need traditional Indian spices, Mexicans or even Japanese. But let me tell you the results are going to be incredibly surprising. You will cook recipes that you never even imagined, you will combine flavours of distant latitudes, you will prepare vegan and keto dishes, you will amaze yourself and the guests at your table.

Simply follow the book’s instructions and let the air fryer do its magic. Forget using the hobs, the grease and the smells. In 10 or 20 minutes the air fryer will give you delicious dishes, prepared while you relax or do something else. After all, didn’t you invest 200 dollars exactly for this reason?

Pay attention to my next point. You would have noticed that other books skyrockets your expectation, for example, 600 recipes or even 1000 recipes!!! In the end, it’s only long pages of black ink without any picture! What’s the point of 1000 recipes gathered in only 150 pages? They will only help you to lose your sight.

You know those washing machines with 30 different washing cycles that you will never use? Exactly, that’s my point! A good book must be selective. It has to show you what you’re cooking, it’s like a trailer of what you’re going to eat. I could tell you this cooking guide is different from the others, full of photos with stylish graphics. In short, much higher quality than usual. The truth is, this is the pure truth. If you don’t believe me have a “LOOK INSIDE, browse a few pages and then compare it with the competitors. And then you can make your choice.

What you will find inside is:
A huge variety of recipes: organized in Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and desserts
Very particular dishes: from pizza, chicken, to a high variety of Mexican and Indian recipes
Clear directions: nutritional facts, cooking times, serving sizes, grocery list, and where to find spices
Excellent design: hundreds of pictures, clear and professional pages layout
In conclusion, this book is unique, certainly different from the competition.

Thus, don’t delay the purchase. You know, if you think about it, often becomes a never purchased.

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