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di Vincente Minnelli,  1958,  Warner Bros
collana: DVD
condizioni: NUOVO

The film is set during the Belle Époque at the turn of the 20th century. While in Bois de Boulogne, Honoré Lachaille remarks that in Paris, marriage is not the sole option for wealthy young bon vivants like his nephew Gaston, who is bored with life. Gaston does enjoy spending time with Madame Alvarez and her granddaughter, the precocious, carefree Gilberte, affectionately known as Gigi. Gigi’s mother (a singer who is heard but never seen onscreen) leaves her care mostly to Madame Alvarez.
Following the family tradition, Madame Alvarez regularly sends Gigi to her sister, Alicia (Gigi’s great-aunt) to be groomed as a courtesan, which is a more dignified euphemism for a wealthy man’s mistress. She learns proper etiquette and charm, but Gigi disdains the trivial love between a man and his mistress. She prefers having fun with Gaston, whom she regards as an older brother...

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