Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals
di John Heywood

    Editore: McGraw-Hill Education Ltd
    EAN: 9781260116106
    ISBN: 1260116107
    Pagine: 1056
    Formato: Paperback

The long-awaited revision of the most respected resource on Internal Combustion Engines --covering the basics through advanced operation of spark-ignition and diesel engines. Written by one of the most recognized and highly regarded names in internal combustion engines this trusted educational resource and professional reference covers the key physical and chemical processes that govern internal combustion engine operation and design. Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals, Second Edition, has been thoroughly revised to cover recent advances, including performance enhancement, efficiency improvements, and emission reduction technologies. Highly illustrated and cross referenced, the book includes discussions of these engines' environmental impacts and requirements. You will get complete explanations of spark-ignition and compression-ignition (diesel) engine operating characteristics as well as of engine flow and combustion phenomena and fuel requirements. Coverage includes:.Engine types and their operation.Engine design and operating parameters.Thermochemistry of fuel-air mixtures.Properties of working fluids.Ideal models of engine cycles.Gas exchange processes.Mixture preparation in spark-ignition engines.Charge motion within the cylinder.Combustion in spark-ignition engines.Combustion in compression-ignition engines.Pollutant formation and control.Engine heat transfer.Engine friction and lubrication.Modeling real engine flow and combustion processes.Engine operating characteristics

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