Lebanese Cookbook: 2 Books In 1: 140 Recipes For Authentic Food From Lebanon 

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Lebanese Cookbook: 2 Books In 1: 140 Recipes For Authentic Food From Lebanon
di Adele Tyler, Emma Yang,  2021,  Indipendently Published
ISBN: 9798540431484
condizioni: NUOVO

Are you looking for a Lebanese Cookbook with over 100 tasty and traditional recipes?
In this 2 books in 1 edition by Emma Yang and Adele Tyler you will learn how to prepare at home over 100 recipes for traditional and delicious Lebanese food.
In the first book, Lebanese Cookbook by Emma Yang, you will learn how to prepare at home 70 Lebanese recipes for traditional and delicious food from Lebanon!

Lebanese food is most likely not your top of mind cuisine when it comes to think about Mediterranean food. Yet Lebanese cuisine is one of the most interesting cuisine in the world, combining mediterranean flavors and savvy use of spices and herbs, typical of the middle eastern countries.

You might be familiar with Hummus and Falafel, but Lebanese cuisine is way more deep and interesting. With a limited use of meat and a large adoption of vegetables, diary products and legumes, Lebanese food is healthy, rich and tasty, perfect for the summer dinners thinking about the blue waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

In Lebanese Cookbook by Emma Yang you will learn:

How to prepare 70 easy and vegetarian recipes from Lebanon
70 true recipes from classic and modern Lebanese dishes
How to prepare classic and traditional Lebanese recipes at home
If you want to cook easy and tasty Lebanese food at home for friends and family, this cookbook is for you!

In the second book, Lebanese Cookbook by Adele Tyler, you will learn 77 recipes for traditional food from Lebanon and nearby.

Falafel. Hummus. Baklava. Arak. This short words are the very core of one of the most appreciated cuisine in the world: the Lebanese cuisine.

Lebanon is a small country in the middle-eastern area, with shores on the Mediterranean Sea, and its cooking tradition is rooted in the history of human kind. Roman, Greek, Persian, Arab and Byzantine culture heavily influenced the Lebanese food and traditions, making it a melting pot of different flavors and cooking methods.

The main ingredients are vegetables and grains, with a wide usage of spices, but a generally low consumption of meat, mostly in form of chicken and lamb. The traditional Lebanese table resembles the Spanish Tapas or Italian Aperitivo, with small dishes, often grilled, baked or lightly cooked in olive oil. Dishes like Hummus - a delicious sauce made with chickpea, tahini sauce and olive oil - and falafel are known worldwide and can be found everywhere from street food trucks to Michelin starred restaurants.

In Lebanese Cookbook by Adele Tyler you will learn:

History of Lebanese cuisine
How to cook 77 traditional Lebanese recipes
Authentic recipes for Hummus, Falafel, Baklava and more
Mediterranean recipes for spicy dishes and amazing flavors
If you like complex flavors and enjoy spicy and entertaining meals, this cookbook is for you.

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