Office Space DVD 

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Office Space DVD
di Mike Judge,  199,  20th Century Fox
collana: DVD

Peter Gibbons is a frustrated and unmotivated programmer who works at Initech. Unable to stand up to his overcritical girlfriend, Anne, he is in love with local waitress Joanna but is afraid to speak to her. He is friends with co-workers Samir Nagheenanajar (who loathes that no one can ever say his last name correctly) and Michael Bolton (who loathes being associated with the famous singer of the same name). Another co-worker in the office is Milton Waddams, a meek collator who is mostly ignored by the rest of the office except Peter. Also, there is Tom Smykowski, a jaded man who helps engineers communicate with customers. Tom is routinely scared of being fired. The staff suffers under top-heavy, callous management, especially from Initech’s vice president Bill Lumbergh, whom Peter hates and avoids confronting. Lumbergh takes obvious delight in micromanaging all his staff, particularly Milton and Peter. He makes Milton move his desk constantly, takes his beloved red stapler, and makes him do more and more work, whilst making Peter work almost every weekend...

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