Personal Shopper DVD ENGLISH 

€ 10,00


Personal Shopper DVD ENGLISH
di Olivier Assayas,  2016,  Lionsgate
collana: DVD

Maureen Cartwright is a personal shopper in Paris for Kyra Gellman, a supermodel. Maureen is waiting for her twin brother, Lewis, who recently died of a genetic heart condition, to fulfill their pact to send a signal from the afterlife. She stays overnight at Lewis’s house in hopes of receiving a sign and briefly encounters a spiritual presence. Lewis’s girlfriend, Lara, goes with Maureen to meet a couple acquainted with Lewis who are interested in buying the house. The wife mentions the artist Hilma af Klint, whose paintings were inspired by messages from the spirit world. Later, Maureen video chats with her boyfriend, Gary, a contractor in Muscat, Oman, who encourages her to visit him, which she turns down...

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