PM Diary. Project Manager Forever 

€ 17,00


PM Diary. Project Manager Forever
di Stefania Sonzogno,  2021,  Youcanprint
ISBN: 9791220345071
condizioni: NUOVO

Here I am. Let me introduce myself, I am a PM. One of the many, not anything special, one of those you see wandering the corridors of your offices, running more than turning, with the PC in one hand, and an I phone of the other. All the time. Even in the bathroom. The PM, or Project Manager, has been a very popular profession in recent years. Successful manager, the PM is the heart of the company, the PM knows everything, or rather, everyone expects him to know everything, he has to answer everyone (always), in a gentle and elegant way (always), even if he comes from 10 sleepless nights in a row. Engaging, funny, irreverent towards Top Management, written by a PM for PMs (and not only) this book will project you into the fantastic world of Project Management, a dynamic profession that hides a thousand pitfalls, but that gives many satisfactions if carried out with passion and dedication! Read it, it will change your point of view forever!!!

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