Portuguese Cookbook: Portuguese Food 

€ 13,00


Portuguese Cookbook: Portuguese Food
di Carmen Harmon,  2021,  Indipendently Published
ISBN: 9798789606292
condizioni: NUOVO

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice cook or a seasoned chef—you can recreate the mouthwatering flavors of Portugal in the comfort of your own kitchen. This Portuguese Cookbook makes it possible with a selection of simple and sumptuous recipes.
If you want to discover Portuguese food, here in this Portuguese cookbook you will find lots of delicious but easy to prepare recipes.
Learn how to make all of your favorite Portuguese recipes at home.

In this Portuguese Cookbook you will learn:
57 recipes for preparing traditional Portuguese food at home
How to cook real Portuguese dishes at home
Easy to follow recipes for surprising friend and family
8 x 10 inches size
117 pages

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