The Future of HIV-1 Therapeutics
Resistance Is Futile?

Edizione Inglese di Bruce E. Torbett (a cura di), David S. Goodsell (a cura di), Douglas D. Richman (a cura di)

    Editore: Springer International Publishing
    EAN: 9783319374505
    ISBN: 3319374508
    Pagine: 264
    Formato: Paperback

This volume thoroughly covers HIV-1 antiretrovirals currently in clinical use, together with their advantages and limitations. HIV-1 inhibitor resistance is discussed in detail, and critical assessments as to what will be required of future antiretrovirals in order to halt viral replication, reduce viral resistance, and alter the state of viral latency are presented. Experts at the forefront of HIV-1 research provide overviews of approaches from the fields of virology, chemical biology and structural biology for obtaining small molecule inhibitors that target viral regulatory and structural components at multiple points in the viral lifecycle. The individual chapters will appeal to scientists and clinicians alike.

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